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Car Wash & Laundromat Services
Self Service Car Wash Bays

5 self service wash bays, each with:
- foaming brush (hog hair) for washing vehicle
- hand brush for tyres
- high pressure hose
- triple shine gun

9 wash options:
- tyre cleaner
- pre-soak
- soap
- foaming brush

- rinse
- triple shine
- bug remover
- wax
- spot free rinse. 

We use Turtle Wax Car cleaning products.

One of the wash bays is wider and higher with gantry steps to accommodate trucks, camper vans, caravans and large boats

Change Machine

Located between the Laundromat and vending machine. Accepts debit and credit cards and changes notes and other silver & copper coins to $1 and $2 coins.


5 vacuums;
- 3 have fragrance options
- 2 have carpet shampoo option.


Car Care Vending Machine

Located beside the change machine near the Laundromat. 

You can purchase

- California Scent
- Black Jack tyre cleaner
- Turtle Wax Ice Wipes (interior wipes)
- Quick dry giant cloth towel
- Glass Cleaner
- Amour All Protectant Sponge



The self service Laundromat has 8 x 16kg commercial dryers

Washing Machines

5 x commercial washing machines (Medium, Large and X-Large) some with hot wash and heavy duty options.

Washing Powder
Washing powder available in dispenser inside Laundromat

Business Prepaid
Carwash Tokens

Keep your fleet looking clean and professional!

Our handy prepaid car wash tokens are convenient for business owners, trades people and their staff to have on hand for that quick clean of fleet and business vehicles.


Contact us by email or phone to purchase.

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